Treatments and Services


Patients with cancer may have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease since some therapy affects the heart and vascular systems. The Regional Cancer Center’s cardio-oncologist monitors and treats heart function during cancer care. With early recognition and treatment, we can successfully manage many complications of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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Lung Cancer Screening Program

The benefits of a lung cancer screening speak for themselves: The 5-year survival rate dramatically improves to 68-92 percent if we diagnose lung cancer in stage 1. A stage 4 diagnosis, on the other hand, results in a zero to 10 percent survival rate. So the sooner a cancer is found, the better.

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Palliative Care

It’s all about quality of life: Our palliative care specialists help patients feel relief from the symptoms, pain, and stress of serious illness. We collaborate with other disciplines – pharmacists, nurses, chaplains, social workers, psychologists, and other health professionals – to determine a plan of care that addresses the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs of each patient.

Palliative care can be delivered at the same time as life-prolonging care or as the main focus. All cancer patients get screened for palliative care at their initial visit, at appropriate intervals, and as clinically indicated by National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines. If you need to speak with our team of palliative care professionals, please call 239-343-9560.

Lee Palliative Care sees patients:

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Clinic
  • Long term care
  • Home care
  • Telemedicine

Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic

A breast cancer diagnosis is scary and overwhelming, and it leaves you with questions, concerns, and decisions to make about your care. Our clinic provides a consultation with a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, and surgeon as well as a medical team evaluation of your individual case. We recommend a plan of care and coordinate your services to lighten the load.

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Cancer Rehabilitation Program

Cancer and its treatment cause you pain, make you feel tired, and keep you from doing the things that you enjoy. But no matter how long ago you were diagnosed, cancer rehabilitation will help.

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