Support Services

A cancer diagnosis spurs many uncertainties, and patients need guidance and emotional support as well as top-notch treatment. Patients at the Regional Cancer Center will find a wide range of options for comfort and encouragement as well as plenty of avenues to ask important questions:

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Cancer Nurse Navigators

Our cancer navigators are certified nurses who will help you and your family understand your diagnosis and provide encouragement and education. They will be there when you feel overwhelmed by coordinating appointments, explaining your treatment, and connecting you with services.

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Oncology-Trained Pharmacist

Not only do these skilled professionals prepare and dispense chemotherapy treatment, but they are also essential communicators – helping patients and their caregivers fully understand side effects and helping them plan and manage each step. They provide key medication and counseling at the most important moments of your life.

Psychosocial Support

Sometimes you just need to talk and by heard by someone who cares. The Regional Cancer Center employs psychosocial clinical nurse specialists for individual and group counseling so you never have to feel alone.

Nutrition / Dietitian & Nutrition Seminars

Regular workshops and seminars provide the most up-to-date information on how diet and nutrition can help during treatment. Participants gather with other individuals to talk and enjoy comfort while learning how to shop, what to buy, how to cook, and other important details to take the guesswork out of your diet.

Nutritional Counseling

Evidence overwhelmingly shows the importance of nutrition throughout cancer care – from prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and survivorship. The Regional Cancer Center’s oncology dietitians teach you about healthy, nourishing meals and guide you through problems with appetite, weight loss, malnutrition, pain, and supplements. Please call 239-343-9511 for information.

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Genetic Counseling

Recent advances show that certain genes can put individuals at risk for cancer. One of our genetic counselors can dive into your history and help you and your family understand their risk, provide information, and perform a screening. The Regional Cancer Center offers counseling for breast cancer, gynecological cancers, skin cancers, and many other conditions.

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Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer and its treatment cause pain, make you feel tired, and keep you from doing the things you want to do. No matter how long ago you were diagnosed, specially trained physical and massage therapists, speech pathologists, yoga instructors, dietitians, and more, have one goal in mind: Making you feel better.

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Support Groups

Monthly support groups give patients and families a place to talk as well as provide facts and advice on diagnoses, treatments, ways to manage side effects/complications of treatment, as well as emotional support.

Survivorship Care

Specialized care doesn’t end once you have successfully battled and beaten cancer. Patients need help adjusting and making the transition into a new way of life. Survivorship specialists’ follow-up care includes nutrition, exercise plans, wellness tips, and other essential tools so that you can ease back into a regular routine.

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Onsite Mastectomy Prosthetic certified fitters

Self-confidence remains essential as you continue treatment, so let these experts help you with instruction and training on how to wear post-mastectomy devices. They will measure, fit, and adjust any related supplies and be there to support you with questions and concerns.

Integrative Services

Discover relaxing, enriching care on your road to recovery: Acupuncture, yoga, hypnotherapy, massage, and aroma therapy help soothe your mind, body, and spirit as you battle side effects of treatment. These treatments tap into your natural ability to repair and restore, regenerate and rebuild.

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Cookie’s Place Boutique: Wigs, assorted accessories

Whether in need of a wig, breast form, or a special gift, our staff at Cookie’s Place Boutique assists patients, caregivers, family members, and friends find just what they need to feel better and lift someone’s spirits. Cookie’s Place also offers massage therapies, essential oils, yoga, and gentle exercise

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Meditation Center for Patients

Meditation calms the body, mind, and spirit and inspires you to heal. Take part in our classes that will teach you gentle movements to increase circulation, inspire better breathing, and develop harmony and serenity.

Healing Garden and Outdoor Labyrinth

Rest, reflect, and heal at our beautifully landscaped Sidney and Berne Davis Healing Garden, featuring tranquil water and an outdoor meditation labyrinth. The garden reminds our patients and their families that life is a journey, and reflection helps focus the mind and recharge.

Frank’s Deli

Find healthy, fresh food choices made each day right inside the lobby of the Regional Cancer Center. Here you can enjoy organic, plant-based foods as well as coffee and other snacks.

Transition to Hospice

When effective cancer therapy is no longer an option, patients will have access to optimal palliative care and counseling with respect to end-of-life issues. Hospice specialists will make this emotional transition easier for patients and families with compassion, discussion, and symptom management.

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