Why choose the Regional Cancer Center?

Hope, hard work, and healing: The caregivers at the Regional Cancer Center will help you fight every step of the way. Watch the video below to hear from doctors, nurses, and patients about their personal, life-changing cancer journeys.

At the Regional Cancer Center, your health is our top priority

We hope you’ll put your trust in us because, quite simply: We are expertly educated, highly trained, and we work hard every day for this community – a community that also includes our friends, families, and neighbors. We believe in our responsibility to serve you to the absolute best of our ability. This is our solemn pledge.

Our staff members are passionate about oncology care. Doctors at the Regional Cancer Center earned degrees from some of the most prestigious medical schools in the country, trained at some of the most renowned cancer centers, and they have pushed themselves to earn important credentials and invaluable experience. They strive to know everything they can about different cancers. They understand new technology. They stay up-to-date on the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments.

Our nurses, pharmacists, genetic counselors, dietitians, and therapists have this same level of dedication. They pride themselves on kindness and connection. They grasp the battle you are facing, and they want to fight alongside you. And all of them are specially trained in cancer care.

At the Regional Cancer Center you will have access to clinical trials and cutting-edge research. You will meet navigators who will answer your questions and champion you at every turn. You will be a part of treatment programs that exceed national survivorship rates. And you don’t have to visit Tampa or New York or Minnesota. Patient centered health care – built on evidence, passion, and results - is right here in Southwest Florida.

Clinical Trials

At the Regional Cancer Center we believe that patients and physicians benefit from being involved in clinical trials. Clinical trials help advance the science of cancer care, including new approaches to diagnosis, treatment and support of cancer patients.

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Other essential information for our patients

  • We provide a full array of cancer treatments, including specialized oncology surgery, all forms of medical oncology including immunotherapy and chemotherapy, radiation oncology, and palliative medicine.
  • RCC programs help patients navigate cancer diagnostic and treatment services, palliative (stress adn symptom) care, survivorship, and genetic counseling.
  • Our experts give patients access to the latest cancer treatments and targeted therapies, early phase clinical trials, timely referrals for second opinions, and coordination of services.
  • We help seasonal residents continue their cancer treatments when they are here, easing travel worries and burdens. For area visitors diagnosed locally, we can help them begin their journey
  • The Regional Cancer Center has experienced double-digit growth every year since opening in 2008, so we have added a 24,000-square-foot building to our existing 62,000-square-foot facility. The new addition features a cancer rehabilitation center, palliative care, data center, multi-disciplinary navigation services, and offices for physicians.
  • Southwest Florida continues to grow at a record pace, and we are home to some of the most educated and active people in the country. But many community members still face cancer risks from smoking, lifestyle, family history, and the natural process of aging. The Regional Cancer Center recognizes these issues as well as our region’s demographic (most cancers occur after the age of 50) and works hard on community outreach, education, and empowering the population.

Contact Us

Address: 8931 Colonial Center Dr., Fort Myers, FL 33905

Hours: 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.

Phone: 239-343-9500