Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic

The Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic at the Regional Cancer Center helps newly diagnosed breast cancer patients or patients looking for a second opinion for their treatment options. Your physician can refer you to the clinic, or you can refer yourself.


You and your family want a comprehensive consultation and evaluation in your time of need. And many recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer require thorough collaboration among all kinds of cancer experts.

The Regional Cancer Center’s Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic brings these experts together to evaluate your case and engage you and your family in the treatment plan. Normally this kind of process might take weeks to develop -- but we have all the experts in one place. That means the plan is complete in a single day, and your treatment begins quickly.

Clinic Visit

You will meet the medical oncologist, surgeon, and radiation oncologist. Each doctor will talk to you one-on-one, complete an assessment, discuss treatment choices, and answer all of your questions.

The medical team will discuss your case. The physicians -- along with the breast cancer nurse navigator, pathologist, radiologist, genetic counselor, clinical oncology pharmacist, and when necessary, a plastic surgeon -- evaluate your tests and health history. Using National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines, they will put together your personal plan of care.

The nurse navigator will discuss the plan with you and then help schedule all of your appointments. We always want to make sure there is no confusion and you are confident about your next steps.

Our Goal: We want you to leave the Regional Cancer Center feeling empowered and informed. We want you to have the best tools available so you can make the best possible decision about your treatment and care.

If you have any questions or would like a referral to the Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic, please call our nurse navigators at 239-343-9554.

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