Seasonal Residents

Our seasonal residents love Southwest Florida and all that it has to offer: Sunshine and beaches, dining, and countless recreation opportunities. But many may not realize that thorough health care options are available right here so they don’t have to travel back home in their time of need.

The Regional Cancer Center has all the advantages of other facilities across the country and provides easy access for patients who want their established treatment performed here.

We are trained to help you make the transition with ease. Our staff will be in contact with your other doctors, insurance companies, and family members so you can concentrate on getting better instead of travel. Stress affects your state of mind during treatment, and we hope you will make the choice to remain close to your vacation home.

And seasonal residents who face a cancer diagnosis for the first time can obtain access to services, contacts, and information to help direct their choices for future care with minimal steps. We will sit down with you to discuss your options. We work with your doctors back home to continue your treatment or put an action plan together for you to stay in Southwest Florida.

Whether it’s a few phone calls, paperwork, counseling, a heart-to-heart discussion, or a complete plan for your local care, we empower you with the best, most essential information to ease your burden in a trying time. All you need to do is call.

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